"Because I'll never hold the picture of the whole horizon in my view."


Great Are You


Photography is a funny thing. It is a way to capture a moment, explore the world, create art and tell a story. Its beauty lies in the feelings it conveys to the viewer, which can differ vastly from person to person. Yet a camera cannot truly capture all the human eye can see; the subtle changes of light, shades of color and depth of our view can never be fully realized in a frame. And still, there is a beauty and magnificence that a single image can convey that is beyond description. It is a paradox and a challenge that photographers have been chasing since Niépce produced his first photograph nearly 200 years ago.


The passion of the photographer is in the chase for that perfect image, the moment when anyone who sees it sits in silent awe and the artist finally smiles in satisfaction.


The chase never ends...


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